Cannot See Heart Rate from Neo Bike Smart

The tacX app happily sees the heart rate from the bike, as Zwift wont even pair with my HRM on Android. Do not understand why a free month was included with the NEO as this is certainly not a way to sell your product. Was hoping to give it a try…

Disconnect the HRM from the Tacx app. I am guessing you are using Bluetooth which is a one-to-one connection, meaning the HRM will only connect to one app or device at a time.

Unfortunately the app wont see the HRM with or without the TACX on. Tis busted… Unlike the tacx app which will with or without the smart bike on.

Do you have the HRM connected to your phone, that could also be the issue. You need to make sure the HRM is not connected to ANY device or app including your phone before opening Zwift.

No exactly same issue on xert, seems tacx want me using their app

The only FIX to this guys is getting the iPad(or any Zwift device to quickly grab your bluetooth HR first).

  1. Make sure bike is off and has been off for at least 2 minutes, and quit all APPS.
  2. Place BT HR on your chest, and wet the pads so it can quickly turn on.
  3. Open the Zwift app and quickly pair the HR.
  4. Now you can plug in the bike and connect it up with zwift.
  5. Like this your allow Zwift to grab the HR connection first, before the BIKE does so. Unfortunately if the bike grabs It firsts, there’s no way to disconnect it.
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The problem is, bike should be paired first in Zwift and then you can pair HR monitor. Not have an idea how to solve it…