Cannot Connect to WIndows10

(James Reid) #1

(James Reid) #2

Hi Guys

Have anew Wahoo V3 and cannot get it to connect with my Windows10 laptop. The laptop has found and linked to the Kickr3 but when I log on to Zwift it will not locate the device.

Any advice! please ?



(Steve Ellis) #3


Which ANT+ USB dongle are you using with your Windows 10 laptop?

You can check out this Zwift article:


(Xavier Kraebel) #4

Steve’s article is a good article to check out, this one might help too:

Also, try not having it connected directly to your laptop. Connections are made directly in Zwift, having an existing connection to your laptop could cause some problems with it.

If you’re using Bluetooth, Zwift isn’t able to connect to Windows computers via Bluetooth. You could use the Companion app to get around it, or use an ANT+ dongle to connect.