Cancel and resume a Zwift Subscription

Hello Zwift team,

since it is slowly getting warmer now and I have dismantled my Zwifter for lack of space,
just wanted to ask if I can interrupt the subscription I got when I bought the Zwifter or does it continue to run normally.
Best regards,

Great question, can the 1yr annual subscription be paused for a period of time, then reactivated.

Hello @Karli_Muzi and @Jason_J_SPM

Yes, you can cancel your subscription without losing your progress. See this Support article for details, and please note that if you subscribe via Apple iTunes, you’ll need to cancel on iTunes.

I believe the answer is NO.

Q: Can I pause my Zwift membership?

A: Some monthly memberships paid via credit card or PayPal can be paused, annual memberships can’t be paused. Check out this article for more info.

Cancel is pretty much the same thing.

With cancel you can resub any time and you won’t lose any of your previous progress