Can you upload a route from your Garmin Edge

Just wondering if you can upload a route from Garmin Edge?  I rode in the Law Enforcement Road of Hope for the fallen Law Enforcement Officers.  It was a brutal 250 miles I road in honor of my only child who was killed in the line of duty.  I run marathons, half marathons but that ride was the hardest think I have ever done.  So I want to do better next year so I would like to up load the route we rode and train, train and train.

Just help this newbie learn the tricks of the trade




RIP OHP Trooper Nicholas Dees EOW 01-31-2015

Short answer No.

BUT: there is a way to train for your event.

You could create a workout that simulate the route. 

You can use to convert a GPX file from your garmin to a workout.


See below an example I created for my self of the Alpe d’Huez