Upload Real Route?

Is it possible to upload an actual route from Strava for use on the trainer?  Moving to another state soon, and would love to “ride” some of my favorites from my current location.

Not with Zwift. What you can do is convert your real ride into a workout (if you know what you’re doing) so that the resistance changes. However your workout won’t match the terrain on Zwift. What you’re asking for is possible with the Rouvy application.

this can help you convert your GPX file to a workout. : https://whatsonzwift.com/gpx-to-zwift-workout/

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can workouts be done against distance not time?

Then I can compare subsequent rides. ( hopefully get faster :wink:

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SteveK aka Cycleoptic - ICC,

No, workouts are time based. Distance in a virtual world (as is the case in the real world) is not a good judge of improvement over time, a better option is power/watts over time (i.e. FTP test). There are too many variables when it comes to distance that keep it from being a viable tool for showing improvement. 

You can also do this with the Bkool Simulator, they will load any ride into their system.