Zwift distance



Is there a way to upload the actual data instead of the virtual distance that zwift uploads on strava? I don’t want to save  50km ride if I have done only 40km for example. I need to use only the real data otherwise I have to delete zwift activity  and upload the real data saved by garmin. I use kurt road machine trainer. 

I’m not sure what makes one more real than the other (Zwift simulates about 5% faster/longer than what I expect, but it in the ballpark) but if you set your garmin on indoor ride mode I think you can record to it as well and manually upload that file to Strava.

Using the Garmin is the best way to do that. Zwift calculates mileage based on terrain and without that you would be travelling an unrealistic 20 mph up the hills. The actual way to address this is to have an alternate course that is totally flat. If you are trying to record “realistic workouts” the Zwift mileage would actually be more correct than the actual miles you turned the wheels. If you are just tracking the mileage for maintenance then just use the Garmin data for that. In the end 5 miles +/- is irrelevant.

Thanks. I decided to keep zwift data which contain virtual power and climbing information seems more interesting that the garmin data. 

It would be nice to have a way to edit the data before saving it. The mileage on the island was real close because it had a good mix of terrain. Each lap would average out pretty well. The Richmond map most always shows me moving faster so of course my mileage is always higher.