Custom training to match real world track

As there is no “level design” or “route builder” (which would be a very great additon, even if it would be limited to yourself to avoid split of community) I’m looking for a way to simulate a hill sprint near my home. I have a elite suito so it should be generally possible. However, I’n not sure if this can be achieved by some kind of Zwift workout feature or if there’s another known tool. Best solution would be to be able to import GPX tracks, sport watch recordings etc. However, lenght plus steepness info would be already enough.

Would this work:

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thank you!

I was able to export the track from Strava with a 3rd Party weblet (dunno why I couldn’t export natively in strava as a free user).
Used your tool to generate the zwo-file.
Zwift was able to read it. However it just gave me some „random“ FTP-Segments and a duration for every segment. I know it can‘t be the view of the track but sticking strictly to the resistance given by the actual Zwift track is not what I consider an imported training that belong to a certain track. Looks like competitors of Zwift are ahead here