Custom Workout to Simulate Real Life Courses

(Mike Josephson) #1

Custom Workout to Simulate Real Life Courses

I have done enough research recently to suggest there is a an opportunity for Zwift to fill a space which many users haven’t even thought of. Zwift currently supports building custom workouts but the implementation is very limited and there is NO documentation of the XML schema. What if users who are training for a specific race (in my case Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon) could download a “mapmyride” or other file and convert this data into a custom ride so they can train for the event ahead of time? I understand the scenery would not fit but if a user could simulate the distance and elevation that would be more than anything else available currently on the market. I personally took data from the Escape from Alcatraz bike and converted into a series of duration and power nodes in a supported xml file (zwo) with mixed results. The primary gap is being able to simulate downhills.

I am fairly geeky so maybe my viewpoint is tainted but can’t help but think this could be a significant marketing opportunity for Zwift which would take advantage of the incredible work and user base already established.

(Paul Allen) #2

Zwift answered (or one very similar to it) this questions almost a year ago:


(Mike Josephson) #3

Thanks Paul.
After more research I did find some other offerings doing something like what I am chasing:


Can you possibly give me any insight on if it is possible to simulate going downhill in ZWO file?