Custom Workouts with grade?

It’s non clear for me if uploading a gpx file as a custom waorkout, inside Zwift I’ll ride the same route with a sort of simulation of the grade.

You’ll ride whatever route you select in the route selector. You won’t get a custom route. Essentially you’re just doing a custom workout on a Zwift route.

Check out this article if you haven’t done so already:

Thanks. I understood.

I hope that Zwift will integrate the possibility to ride custom route (from real ones), simulating the grade of it.

There are very few strong climb inside Zwift. It’s not ready for me at the moment. It’s not enough.

I doubt we’ll ever see custom routes in Zwift. You might want to check out “Rouvy” and ride real world routes and have a video of it on your screen while your trainer changes resistance to match the incline.

Have you ridden Alpe du Zwift? That should be strong enough for you.

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Alpe du Zwift is strong, i know! But Alpe du Zwift is the only one, that’s the problem. I mean, i do most of the time training on (virtual) climbs and if I have to do only this multiple time, every week, i can go crazy :smiley:

Thaks for the Rouvy suggestion :wink: