Can you find a clue in the game? (Course Expansion)

The suspense is killing me…  

“For those looking for more roads, don’t worry - we are getting close with our next course expansion and we think you’ll love it.  See if you can find a clue in the game as to where it may connect into the existing course!”

Anyone want to give me a hint where to look?


Just after the wind farm going anti clockwise to the epic climb, just as you go over the bridge on your right.


Awesome.  Thanks for that.  I’ll be keeping my eye’s peeled when I roll by there.  :)

l couldn’t see anything there.

@Gerrie, that’s the wrong place. It’s after the next bridge after the first little climb, on the right.


I did come down there today but did not see it, :0(

Going up it’s on the right. There are some orange cones and a big road roller. Can only miss it if speeding downhill. If you go slowly uphill like me you can spot it.

I saw similar barriers, and flashing lights, on the London course.

They’re on the new extension, a bit less than half-way around on the right if you’re going clockwise.  The real world equivalent is “Chelsea Barracks”.

Thanks @Steven, for the correction.

@marksmithies do you have a screenshot?

Not yet, and it may be a few days.  Meanwhile (and I know this isn’t a “screenshot”) here’s a map.  Purple arrow points to the correct side. You can see my path get thicker as I did some U turns.  Look for orange road barriers with flashing lights.

Here you go …

There are more up the other end of the green barriers.

I’m not convinced. I think that’s been there for a while and more just general London construction rather than Zwift new road. If it was new road, where would it go? Plus, it doesn’t map to any real London road like the rest of the map. Only time will tell and I’m willing to admit I was wrong.

yeah, that seems like a really weird place for a new road.

I thought I read/heard (Zwiftcast?) that the next two additions would be (1) Watopia extension and (2) a brand new course/map.

Yeah, I remember hearing that too. Watopia extension is supposed come out sometime in October. The new map won’t be out until at least the beginning of next year.

I’m not convinced either, and I agree with the comments about it being in an illogical place.  Nevertheless, the barriers are non-standard, they’re identical to the others on Watopia, and the lights are flashing.  There’s also an “in” and an “out”. 

If the developers are true to form, this will sit there for ages before anything happens. The fact that I noticed it is perhaps a reflection of my desire for Zwift to deliver more variety at a more rapid pace.

At one point the sky scrapers in Watopia were under construction, so perhaps that’s what we are seeing in London.

I suppose the thing in London could be another magic ride through the tube - popping out who knows where.  Maybe even Watopia.