Can we change the pairing screen short cut key please

I have been doing this for 7 years and I know I should learn by now but I dont. I lead group rides and type from my keyboard all the time. And of course 2 or 3 times in a 100km ride I think type “M” to start typing and I miss. And then of course I inevitably type an “A” cause almost no words use the letter A in the english language. Could we move it to like something a lot less used. Like lets say the “=” Sign. at lest if I forget to press M I wont come to a screeching halt . And then it is a total sprint for 30 seconds to get back to my group. I know, I know… Just press “M” First. I get it. I am finally asking after 7 years of doing this cause apparently I am an Old Dog and I can NOT learn new tricks.


Zwift should use more of the F keys F1 to F12 for shortcuts is custom shortcut keys.


You are right about that, and that’s why I never use the keyboard. Way too dangerous!!! When you are leading a workout you have no time to look if the bloody M has been pressed first especially if you need to give calls every 30s…
I’m using my phone to chat as it is for me way easier to swipe instead of typing but I can understand not everyone wants to use their phone to send messages…