Can’t hit watts in ftp builder

I’m still learning zwift, and can’t figure this out…I’m doing the FTP builder. For example, It will instruct me to pedal (for example) at 85rpm and 85 watts…and I can hit 85 rpm, but my watts max out at 83 (or 2 watts less than whatever goal I’m supposed to hit) Am I doing something wrong?

What is your setup? If you’re on a smart trainer and running in ERG mode the trainer should adjust the resistance for you. If you’re on a dumb trainer you may need to shift your gears around a bit until you find the right combination.

Also, the watt targets take priority over the cadence targets in workouts (for earning the stars), so focus first on the wattage.

In erg mode on wahoo kickr. Can’t get to 85 watts (or whatever the goal is) no matter the rpm. It’s always about 2 watts less than goal.

ERG mode won’t always match the target 100%, it’s often 1-2w off, I think this is a rounding error because targets are always shown in 5w increments. This is normal I believe and you can just ignore it.

If you use the ± controls to vary between 90% and 110%, you’ll see each 1% covers a few watts, but the target will stick to 5w increments.

It’s an oddity I’ve just learned to live with but agree the GUI is confusing

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Thank you for the explanation. It makes sense. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing something wrong or needed to adjust some setting.