Can Pace Partners have ZwiftGPS enabled?

I really like riding with pace partners, the biggest gripes I have with them is

  1. Not knowing what their schedule is
  2. Not knowing where they currently are in Zwift

I love that Coco is doing sand and sequoias now, but I don’t want to join that group right when it is in the middle of the climbs.

If the pace partners had ZwiftGPS enabled, I could easily lookup their position and decide if I want to join right away, or wait a few minutes as they get to a better starting point.

A few months ago, I started a B. Brevet pace partner ride, just as they were hitting the hills on Sand and Sequoias. Whew…That was tough.

Agreed. Would be useful. Also helpful if you want to change pacing partners. You can then plan a route that would allow you to meet the group.

I quite agree. I joined a long time ago what I suspected was a typical A.Anquetil ride through the jungle. Only the bot was just at the start of Alpe du Zwift! I stuck with it but it wasn’t nice for the first few kilometres.

I think that was a glitch and the bot went the wrong way, but it would be nice to know where they are.