Can no longer pair devices - ANT Stick triangular warning message?

I haven;t used Zwift for awhile, and did the upgrade yesterday.  I am no longer able to pair any devices - previously I had no issues with pairing.  

I am on a classic trainer, with ANT stick plugged into my laptop. 

I note on the paired devices screen on my laptop, that in the top left hand corner, the ANT stick icon has a a little triangular warning sign showing .  There icon next to it, the bluetooth icon, also has the same warning.

I have tried plugging ANT stick into 2 different laptops, but not luck with either. 

Could it be that the ANT stick is now faulty?


Hi Judy,

It definitely could be that the ANT+ dongle has gone bad. If you have Garmin Express installed on these laptops as well, it could be the program interfering with Zwift locating the dongle itself as well.

That you tried it on three different laptops leads me to think of hardware failure, unfortunately.

Is this a completely updated version of Zwift?