Can I Use Run Zwift on a 3G Network?

Hey Everyone! I have a question, I have a cabin & we get terrible service up there but I got a booster that kind of boost the cell signal. I tried doing some testing & I got about 40-60kbs for internet speed. Will Zwift be able to run at that speed?? I’m actually off with T-Mobile but up there T-Mobile doesn’t cover our area, only Union Wirelss. They get 3G speeds

not sure about the continuous bandwidth required, but intermittent drops are quite annoying if you try to do a group ride and your watts drop to zero for 5-30 seconds and you are left behind…
4G/LTE over here and I had some problems with wifi which are now solved.

Why not to try it? Just install Zwift on your device, open it and go watch other people (without riding, without sensors, trainer etc…).
If you will be able to login to the game and see other users, switch between them - you are OK )

I am connecting to Zwift literally from the woods. Over satellite internet. The connection is really slow with a ping over 600ms and speed that is not stable (can be 1Mbps till 10Mbps in some cases). During the ride I could see sometimes other players disappear for 5-10 mins (this is the time when signal is lost) and then appear again.
Although, as @Anders_Wallin just mentioned it I do not know the real impact on group rides. But for the solo ride after a connection lost for about 5 mins, I’ve appeared almost near the same users.

So in simple words, you might be playing offline version of Zwift during issues with the communication signal. But the most important is to have the minimum speed in order to just login to Zwift first.

Well First of all, I can’t just drive to my cabin like right now. And of course I am OK!!?? That’s a dumb question. I didn’ even need to know that okay?? Plus I already have zwift downloaded. I’m just making sure that It will work before I back up my gear.

But thanks for the info, it sort of worked. But I’m not looking for that kind of answer though