Any of you use mobile hotspot / tethering for Zwift?

(Joseph Paguio) #1

Zwifters, any of you use mobile hotspot / tethering for your data connecting during Zwift rides? If so, I’m wondering how much data you use on a ride?  Last night, I did a 45 minute ride and burned through 3gb of data.  I don’t subscribe to a home internet connection, so if the program uses this much data, I’ll probably have to stick to TrainerRoad.

(David Gibbs (Red Rider)) #2

I suspect you can expect that kind of data usage for any virtual world type of application.

(Jan Novak) #3

I guess number of riders is more important than the virtual world itself - I did 1hour ride last night, home alone, so no one else was using the internet connection and it burned about 150MB. 3GB sounds way too much, probably wasn’t just Zwift … ?

(Bertram Redmeijer (B)) #4

Generally the virtual world is on your computer - no data stream needed there. You need to download the location and speed of the other riders, and what colors they are wearing. You need to upload your own speed and direction… It should not use that much data, quite a few virtual worlds get by at 56k or 128k. Zwift recommends a minimum of 3Mb down.

From the knowledge base:

How much data does Zwift require?

On average, Zwift transfers about 16,000 B/s, or about 55 MB/h.

So the 3 Gig of data is suspect, there must have been something else downloading in the background.


(Michael Shirey) #5

I’m using a Verizon hotshot off my Galaxy phone and 100-150/mbs an hour is about right.  Something else was eating all that data.  

(Joseph Paguio) #6

Yeah, something else probably was using that data. I’ll run it again and report back.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #7

Hi Joseph,

That, does, indeed sound strange. We’ve been able to run two Zwift stations concurrently off of one Verizon 4G LTE hot spot all day long. Something else must be going on there.