More Data usage since the update

(Andy Zazzels #CTFU #VICC) #1

Since the last update I have a “huge” increase in data usage. 

It went from about 1-1.5MB to now 2.5MB per Minute even though there were not many on the course. When I cycle there are never really more then 200 online. 

Has there been a change as I don’t see why this has happened. 

(Michael Henasey) #2

out of curiosity, what time of the day are you riding that you only ever see 200 other riders online?

(Andy Zazzels #CTFU #VICC) #3

5am CET (central european time zone)

(Martin Norris [Cyclechat] (C)) #4

Does the resolution quality make a difference?  I use a dongle to have broadband in the garage and this month my 15GB data usage limit was exceeded - I don’t know if Zwift is the reason.