Network Bandwith Question.

Thinking of setting up a group of us to do a Zwift Super Sprint Triathlon  as a bit of a showcase as part of our Club’s open day in a few months time. The location isn’t networked, so  I will need to set up a temporary 4G network (going to speak nicely to some folks i know to borrow a 4G router) , so just wondering if anyone can give me guidelines on how much bandwith each Zwift instance will take up, so I can estimate how many zwifters I can have on the go at once.

Totally appreciate Zwift is still beta, , just will get a few of our members that all have Kickrs (or supported trainers) to do a fun and different event to generate some interest for our Tri Club.


Hi Zoe. My tests a few months back showed Zwift using about 35MB/hr. It wasn’t a lot. This may have changed with feature additions, or additional functions, although I’m sure a 4G connection should be able to handle a number of simultaneous Zwift users. 

On a related note, as someone who experiences periodic network connection issues it would be really nice if the user interface had a debug toggle that would show current network throughput.  This way I could get an idea of what seems normal and when things seem a tad wonky I may get an idea if it is network related.  Maybe for production use it makes sense as part of the setup to have a network testing panel.

We used a 4G connection when we demo’d at the VW races this spring, and it worked great! We did a very brief test recently and found it clocked in higher than before (approx 175 MB/hr), but this was only an estimate.