Can I run Zwift cycling with a chromebook?

Specifically, with an Asus Chromebox?


I don’t think so, here is a link to the Android thread about supported devices: Android Supported Devices (UPDATED: March 9th, 2019)

Hi Nick,
I have an ASUS C100P convertible that runs Android as standard I am going to attempt to load the Zwift SW and ANT Sensor I will report back soon as I have tried it,. If it works I will be delighted!

Hi Nick
I just tried there is no Zwift download available for mt Asus C100P even though it can run Android.

Thanks for looking into that and making the effort.

Hi Nick
No problem enjoy your riding or running.

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Hey all.

As a rule of thumb, ‘Chrome’ devices aren’t supported as Zwift isn’t coded to work with Chrome OS, even if the device can run the Google Play Store. This is why you won’t find app on the store when searching. A list of our supported devices can be found on out support page! And a link to our forum page listing all supported android devices can be found above, thank you @Paul_Allen

Ride On!

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It would be nice to start working on the possibility to use chromebooks. I just purchased one. Cheaper tha PC, no bugs, and perfect for home use.
If Zwift want’s to stay on tune i think they should make efforts to make chromebooks possible.


What does that mean exactly? The point of Chromebooks running Android is that you should be able to run your Android apps as is (of course, it’s nice when the Android apps take advantage of the big screen, which Zwift already does on tablets).

There are threads here that show that people have successfully sideloaded Zwift on Chromebooks and run it. Unfortunately this requires putting your Chromebook in developer mode (so that Android can be in dev mode and allow sideloading) which many people won’t want (or know!) to do.

Supporting Chromebooks probably mean more headaches with varying performance. One way to deal with that would be to publish the same Zwift app but as a “Zwift for Chrome OS (Beta)” so that it’s clear that it’s not supported as well. Would you consider this? As it is, mythe only reason I am keeping my 4-year old Macbook is for Zwift, now.

Another reason to do the above might be that TrainerRoad is available on Chromebooks…


FWIW, Android on Chromebooks is a true OS (not an emulator as someone told me on support). It runs the whole Android stack from the Linux kernel down, just in a container (a typical Linux way to isolate programs).

Android graphics-intensive games run on Chromebooks (see e.g. the Asphalt car racing). As I wrote above, frame rates may vary possibly between devices etc. but that’s like other Android devices. Zwift would do well there.

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I think the moment fortnite can run on a chromebook from the play store then i think Zwift will follow soon.

That is my benchmark sins Fortnite is one of the biggest “free” multiplayer games and they want as many players on any device, they also have the $$$ to invest to make it work on any possible device.

I don’t expect Zwift to be the first to launch high end games to new platforms. I would expect the big
gaming names to be the first to do it.

My point is that it’s not a “new platform.” It’s new hardware for the Android platform.

Ironically, Fortnite isn’t on the Play Store anymore so I can’t test it, but the Bkool Simulator, a 3D cycling environment, is…


Interesting, just show when was the last time i played.

I am sure Zwift will follow where other gaming titles are going. But the Zwift development team is small and still growing. And the more they focus on different platform the more they get behind on features and game experience.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for Zwift on any platform, the more friends on Zwift the better.

I just hope they see that Android on Chromebooks is not a different platform. Though I am sure that may take some support either way… Nothing is free.

I don’t know how one can use Zwift on such a small screen as a phone either :slight_smile: So maybe that’s why I ask for this. Plus, this allows to play on a TV too and use the phone companion.

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Can someone please send me detailed instructions for sideloading zwift to Chrome OS? I have a pixel slate in developer mode and have enabled unknown sources. The APK file fails. I even tried PureAPK and it also fails.

What am I Missing?

Just wanted to add, while I’m waiting for this feature to be implemented I’ve been playing around with using scrcpy in the Linux kernel on my C630 Chromebook while running Zwift on my Pixel XL. At that point, my laptop just becomes a glorified display and there are a few hitches, which I’d mostly attribute to the age of my phone, but it’s definitely playable. It’s a decent alternative to be able to at least get Zwift on a larger display without needing to go into Developer Mode if you have an Android phone and a Chromebook that supports Linux. You also don’t even need to root your Android, you just need to enable USB debugging.

Finally, it’s a few months away (estimated week of Feb 11th release date currently), but ChromeOS M80 is supposed to bring the ability to sideload APKs without needing to go into developer mode, so even if Zwift doesn’t budge, it should be a lot easier for us to get Zwift installed after that.

Not to pile on, but Chromebooks have been outselling Macs since 2016. It’s clear that the Zwift team just likes Apple products for some (illogical) reason and it’s shortsightedness is no doubt hurting their business. Android has had an 85%+ market share for a while now, and Zwift finally got their Android app out of beta. Boggles the mind.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a cheap Chromebook or Chromebox for $100-150 and plug it into a TV as a dedicated Zwift setup. Yeah, it sure would. Just put on your shoes and go.


Luckily, none of this will matter in a year or two. All of this will (should) run in the cloud and stream the video to your browser to watch. Google, Sony and Microsoft are already doing this. Google’s launched already. Hardware won’t matter anymore.

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Regardless of that, it’s a whole other set of instructions to support x86 cpus. there are additionnals steps to making it work. AND the android product is still in beta - even if it has been for a long while, it does mean : don’t expect it to be perfect.

I would absolutely love to see chromebook support. I have one, it’s the *s–*h-it-. won’t buy another android tablet ever now that they run play store apps. I have the asus core m5 one, flip. runs 9h on battery, can run play store games perfectly and it integrates perfectly with my android phone. much love…

implement that, please, lots.

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that’s pretty circular reasoning, no offense meant.

you can buy a 150$ tablet with hdmi and if you purchase the right one with proper cpu (zwift has high requirements for tablets), you are good to go…