Can I remove elevation profile along bottom of display?

can I remove elevation profile from along bottom of display? It is in the way othe more important distance of riders behind. thx

That is a power graph, not elevation. On PC/Mac you can hit the G key to disappear it.

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Thanks Paul , I am casting from my android phone , same process?

I haven’t run Zwift on an Android device but I’m sure someone else here can comment. You won’t have access to the keyboard shortcuts, but have you tried swiping it away, swiping it down?

no, but I will try that next time - thx again

you can also turn it off with the companion app

Martin I’m not seeing that option anywhere in the app

in the companion ap when you’re on a ride there is a button that looks like a graph, it toggles the graph on and off

Check out here Using the Zwift Companion App when Cycling

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There’s a toggle for it in the Action Bar :+1:


Got it, thanks all

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