Zwift HUD question from a relative new iPad user

First of all, I only use my iPad to ran Zwift for workouts and events.

Within the HUD, there is an option called “TOGGLE DATA GRAPHS” in the Action Bar. What does it actually hide or show on HUD? I tried to tab on it but does not seem do anything…

I found this 1st screenshot below in the forum, comparing to 2nd screenshot of what I have shown during ride…

Screenshot 2024-03-08 133400

What would be the tricks/configuration to get the route elevation graph (circled in the 1st screenshot) on my HUD?

I’m afraid the top screenshot is a mock-up made by a Zwifter to show what they would like to have in the game.

At the moment, everyone gets what you have in the second screenshot.

Toggle data graphs is the power and heart rate data (a little over 10 minutes worth) that appears (or not, if you switch it off) at the very bottom of the screen.

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Oh…thanks! I thought I simply just missed the option to turn it on…Hope elevation profile would be added in an easy consumable fashion.

Requested many times over many years but nothing so far

Well…in that case, it would not hurt to add me to the waitlist then…