can I create a ride over 5 hours...

(H Pope TeamEN (D)) #1

… training indoors during bad weather,  I have an IM event soon and need a ride over 5 hours…   Is it possible to create in custom;  I found only 1-hour duration.


(Blake Guidry) #2

Yes, I did a 5.5 hour ride in custom workout mode 2 weeks ago.


(H Pope TeamEN (D)) #3

I know it defaults to 1 hour.  When I pulled to increase the time it was really so slow to increase time.   Did you do anything different to increase the duration?

(Blake Guidry) #4

Double click where the time is listed and manual type your time. Can do the same thing with watts. Do not pull the tab. This should solve your issue.

(H Pope TeamEN (D)) #5

Thank you!