Calling all music lovers on Zwift

As a music lover I see great benefit in listening to music while I ride to get even further. I’ve been searching for clubs/events that shares playlists for each ride without luck.

Therefore I decided to create my own, Watt The Funk - an all inclusive club that aims to organize fun and social rides with set playlists for each ride shared live via Discord/Spotify.

Our first ride (in fact my first time leading an event ever) will take place on Wednesday next week, and I hope to see some of you there. For our first ride, I’ve selected a range of great known and unknown 70s funk bangers that I’d love to share. Genres/playlists will change for each ride.

If you’re interested, feel free to read more about the club/event here:

Very cool idea. Hope you get a lot of participation, I need to see what my Spring schedule will allow.

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Cheers, Tom. Much appreciated! Feel free to join the club to get notifications about upcoming rides. Hope to see you in the peloton sometime soon!

This is awesome! Looks like it’ll be a fun club. Kudos for starting it up!

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Here’s the link given the OP can’t post it directly.


Can’t make Wednesdays but a Sunday ride would be great.

does the event have late join?

For Android users, try the free music player called musicolet. It’s a great app, never crashes, has a very intuitive simple clean user interface, supports creation of multiple playlists as well as variable random play order and best of all, absolutely no ads! I am a software developer and a musician, and that application is the best of both.

Discord bots work pretty well then anyone joining can listen without having to setup in advance.

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Thanks for doing that. I’ve added it to the first post too now. :ride_on:

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That sounds awesome! Love a bit of funk. Hopefully I’ll see you there.

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Thanks a lot, Stuart. Is there a workaround to post links on this forum? I kept receiving an error when trying to add it to the original post

Strongly considering doing Sunday rides as well - join the club to get notified!

You get more abilities the more you post and get accredited.

nice theory anyway :slight_smile:

Great event name!