Calibration timed out

The calibration with my Cyclops Hammer has stopped working. A 10% climb uses the same watts as a flat stage. I’ve tried to re-pair and recalibrate four times.

Get up the 37kmh, stop peddling but the gauge holds 3kmh when the free wheeling stops. After a few seconds I get the error message “Calibration Timed Out”. 

I just bought a Cyclops Hammer and I’m having the exact same problems. I updated the firmware but I am still having the same problem. 


I’m getting the exact same error during calibration. Stops at 2mph and then times out.


Also no longer getting resistance changes on course–stays constant regardless of terrain.

Same problems here

Sorry for the problems with the new calibration feature, everyone. It sounds like there’s still some kinks to work out.

One of our developers has posted a response in this thread, so I’m going to condense the discussion over there and close this one.

Thanks for your patience as we continue developing Zwift!