Calibration Tacx Vortex Smart

Hi everyone,
I’m new so please be forgiving.
Should calibration of the Vortex Smart trainer be done only in the Tacx App or on ZWIFT? or maybe both? Please clarify this issue. Thanks

Hi @Piotr_Legutko Welcome to the Zwift forum.

Always better to calibrate with the trainer App.

@Piotr_Legutko I have a Vortex and I’ve never calibrated it through Zwift. I always use the Tacx app on my phone. You need to close Zwift before running the calibration (if doing over Bluetooth) as you can only have 1 active BLE connection.

I usually run the calibration once a week after a ride so the tire is warm.

I am asking because I noticed differences in load when driving on zwift. For Zwift calibration the load is less than for Tacx.