Calibration - do I do this once, or every time I ride?

Hi, my current setup is a Trac Vortex smart trainer, running Zwift on a laptop with ANT. When paired, I note that I have an option to calibrate the trainer. Do I need to do this every time I ride? Does the trainer need warming up, to provide an accurate calibration? Thanks.

You should calibrate the Vortex after you’ve warmed it up (10 minute ride). Also make sure your tire PSI is the same every time you calibrate. Don’t use the zwift calibration, do the one through the tacx app. I usually do a spin down calibration with my Vortex every 2-3 weeks.

Thanks Daniel. So totally ignore the Zwift calibration? Why ignore it?

From what I’ve heard it doesn’t work. Additionally, tacx advises to use their app in the manual, iirc.

Zwift also recommends that you use the manufactures app to calibrate trainers.

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Thanks Daniel!

Thanks Paul!

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