Calibration doesn't work

For 90 seconds in a pair of jeans to ensure it was working for my group ride at 6am.

If you have to calibrate each time you ride, that adds a bunch of time to each session, no? Hard to jump in on a group ride on time.

Yes, typically the minimum warmup is 10 minutes.
When you open the app and click on the menu icon in the top left corner to pair the sensors.
If available but not paired, it shows up as green broken chain.
Click on the chain icon and the chain should become connected.
Press it again and it disconnects.
This is how to disconnect from the app in order to connect to zwift via bluetooth.
If the sensors don’t show up, then they are not available for pairing.

To calibrate, once the sensor is paired, click back arrow to get to the main screen.
Then click “workout” then “freeride”
At this point, the app will show your power and start a 10 minute count down.
At about 10 minutes, you can calibrate by pushing the calibrate button and follow directions.
I usually wait to calibrate until about 1 min left.

I try to log in and warm up for at least 10-15 minutes before events.

If your just in a casual group ride and the room temp is not greatly different and you tighten the roller about the same amount then the accuracy will be close enough.

Thanks. I used the Kinetic app a lot before I got on Zwift. Just did free rides with a GCN video.

All my Zwift rides are solo or C/D level group rides then a full day of desk jockey. There’s no prize money so I don’t race. I’d probably hurt myself anyhow.

My ant+ dongle showed up and I tried it today. Calibrated in Kinetic and then rode with Coco. Not for long though. I was more in the yellow zone than I’d been for a long time. I’ll need to try it now on a real group ride.

Added bonus, seemed to connect faster than bluetooth.

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