Cadance issue

I’m riding Zwift on my Tacx Flux which works extremely well with my watts. However, I seem to experience a weird error with my cadance. 

When I’m riding in my lowest gear and change to a heavier gear, my cadance increases - and the other way around. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

To sum up: if I’m riding at cadance 80 on the 28 on my cassette and shift to e.g. the 21, my cadance naturally decreases at the same watts. However, Zwift shows a increase in my cadance.

Any advices?

Hi Martin

If I have it right, the Flux estimates the cadence from the power data, so calibration is going to be super-important.

That said, I’m not a fan of estimated cadence and so for accuracy would recommend adding a separate cadence sensor on the crank arm. They are not overly expensive and make the Zwift experience much more like real-life riding.

Ride On!

Martin - I had tons of issues with my Kinetic Smart Trainer and how estimated cadence was calculated. I put a wahoo cadence sensor on and have had no problems since. So I 100% agree with Paul - add a sensor and Ride On!