Bushido resistance during workouts

 I’m posting during a 3x15 ftp workout that is killing me bc i can’t keep my cadence above 85.  I start out around 90 and it feels like the resistance gets harder until i eventually run out of gears (34x28).  My power is steady until i eventually bog down to 65 rpms, then zero resistance, then back to 70 rpms. 

Firmware is all up to date.  Could it be something in my bushido setup? 


Hi Craig, 

Can you tell us what exact model you have please? 

Thank you



ive put the upgraded brake on an I genius to make it smart. However the brake resistance isn’t working.  Any idea how I activate this?  Thanks



I have a quite similar problem like op Craig Merrits.

I ride a Elite Real Power ant+ model. At The beginning, rpm an power ratio seem quite right. Resistance adaptment going up and down hills feels pretty accurate throughout the session, too.

But after some time, the resistance grows and grows on the trainer. I get down gear after gear to keep the rpm at the same level, to achieve the same power output. in the lowest gear, the resistance keeps on growing so strong, similarily to the displayed watts in the zwift programme, that my rpm need to go down to stay at my standard watts output.

Problem in short:

On even ground, no incline, same gear, same rpm but watts are going up and up wihtout peddaling faster. To keep up the wattage I would need to decrease rpm, or change gears down until no gear to shift is left.


Software is updated