Smoothness Bushido Smart

(Juan Botha) #1

Hi Guys,

I have a Bushido Smart paired. Those that use the trainer, have you found that when setting the realism to 100% the trainer becomes sort of jerky and not smooth with the braking on the climbs. Is it possible lack of flywheel weight? when set to 50% it doesn’t feel that way. I the wattage is not the issue its turning the cranks over at a lower cadence.

(Mark Pearce [82 Kg]) #2

I have mine set to 100% mate and I am not having any issues with it being jerky, if I drop to a low cadence on a steep incline it behaves very much like a steep incline on a hill at low cadence. I tend to try to spin though mate so maybe I am not the best indication or example, on the hills in Zwift I try to keep my cadence at around 90 and drop my gearing so naturally its going to feel smoother.

(Juan Botha) #3

Hey Mark 

Thanks for the reply. I am using a power meter for the power display and zwift controls the Bushido. Are you using a similar setup or is your bushido doing it all?

(Joe Puetz) #4

I do experience some difficulties which the Bushdo Smart too.

Especially when shifting gears.

Compare with the outdoor experience more pressure is needed to shift gears.

I presume that the cause of this is that when you drop your legs for just a moment to ease shifting like outdoors the resistance stays.

My question do you experience the same?

Maybe Zwift can tell the trainer  to take off resistance faster when the cadence drops to Zero to support easier shifting?!