Built in Bluetooth not connecting after 1.33 update

I’m unable to get Zwift to use the built in bluetooth on my PC Windows 11 after the latest update. I can see my pedals and trainer and they show connected to the laptop, but Zwift tells me my bluetooth device is turned off.

I’ve uninstalled, deleted the local files and reinstalled with no luck. Any ideas?

[quote=“Chad Gibson [545 Velo], post:1, topic:600619, username:Chad_Gibson_545_Velo”]
they show connected to the laptop,

This is the problem.

You need to go into the laptop Bluetooth settings and forget the trainer.

I’ve had them forgotten and that doesn’t work either. I looked in the error logs and this looks suspicious.

The solution was to reinstall the Visual Studio C++ installer. Supposedly this has happened in the past 2020 as I found some clues in a forum poster from that time.

After yesterday update, i have the same issue as you, windows 11 and built in BLE is disabled…