Bug to connect

I would like to connect to Zwift since 2 days but was impossible. The application crash…

I use a windows 10. I have tried to change my interent option but never change.

I have desinstalled and reinstalled but nothing change…

Could you help me?

Did you read this thread, which is pinned to the top of the Forum?

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No i don’t read that before… I have tried on Spanish and German… nothing change

But thank you for your answer! :wink:

It work with my phone. I can connect to my profil…

The language change solution is for crashes on iOS and ATV, I think. The Windows/PC issue is different.

Yep, could not find the answer. I’ve got a tablet, not PC

What kind of tablet? iOS? Android? Other? Have you checked other threads on the Forum for a solution?

It’s a brand new Samsung S6 Lite. I’ve checked but did not find a solution. As it turns out, if I change the language to Spanish, it loads completely and it does not crash (so far). Interesting