Android: Zwift crashes at login [tech specs inside] [november 25th 2021]

Dear technical support team,

I encounter the following problem when starting the Zwift application on my smartphone (I have no problems with Zwift Companion):

Zwift starts, I enter email address and associated password, I press next and Zwift crashes.

What I already tried:

Restarted the phone, deinstalled and reinstalled the application several times, without any result.

Technical specs:

Xiaomi MI 9T.
Ram 6.00GB
Processor: Octa-core Max2.2Ghz
Android version: 11RKQ1.200826.002
MIUI-version: MIUI Global 12.1.1 ( RFJEUXM)

Looking forward to your solution/advice,



Probably related to this - Crash after login (iOS and AppleTV) [November 2021] [1.19.0]

Hi Steve,

indeed, the same problem but on a different operating platform.

A couple of people have reported it on Android. I suspect that it’s all related.

same here. we pay for a app we cant use. well done zwift!

On Apple TV, a workaround seems to be to change the OS language to German, login to Zwift, and then change the language back again.

It’s a stretch that this will work on Android too, but it’s worth a try.

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