Android: Zwift crashes at login [tech specs inside] [november 25th 2021]

Dear technical support team,

I encounter the following problem when starting the Zwift application on my smartphone (I have no problems with Zwift Companion):

Zwift starts, I enter email address and associated password, I press next and Zwift crashes.

What I already tried:

Restarted the phone, deinstalled and reinstalled the application several times, without any result.

Technical specs:

Xiaomi MI 9T.
Ram 6.00GB
Processor: Octa-core Max2.2Ghz
Android version: 11RKQ1.200826.002
MIUI-version: MIUI Global 12.1.1 ( RFJEUXM)

Looking forward to your solution/advice,



Probably related to this - Crash after login (iOS and AppleTV) [November 2021] [1.19.0]

Hi Steve,

indeed, the same problem but on a different operating platform.

A couple of people have reported it on Android. I suspect that it’s all related.

same here. we pay for a app we cant use. well done zwift!

On Apple TV, a workaround seems to be to change the OS language to German, login to Zwift, and then change the language back again.

It’s a stretch that this will work on Android too, but it’s worth a try.

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Strangely enough, this appears to work!

Interesting. In another thread someone reported that this workaround didn’t work for them. Someone else reported that it worked if they reinstalled Zwift with the OS language changed.

So it worked for without a reinstall of Zwift but just changing the Android OS language?

Hello Steve,

By changing the language from English to German, the app was able to log me in without crashing. Unfortunately, I could not connect my Elite Suito T and Garmin Ant heart rate monitor to the phone.

BR, Thomas

Did it not help if you switch the language back to English once you’ve logged in, before pairing?

I hope that Zwift get this fixed soon. It seems to be affecting a lot of platforms.