Swift crash at login


My brother just bought Swift for cycling.
When logging in, the app crashes after clicking on the white triangle in the orange square.

Redmi note 10 pro (android)
Account created a couple of hours ago.


Following, same problem

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The same for me too on huawei p30 :frowning:

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Same problem on iPhone 7, Samsung galaxy s10+…

Same trouble here too… using Galaxy A51. I tried to reinstall. No way!

I have tried to install the Zwift app on my android (Samsung Galaxy S10) several times now, but it chrashes each time.

At login I enter my e-mail + password. Approx 5 secs after choosing “Next” the music stops and the app disappear from the screen)

Tips or tricks anyone?

A workaround for the same problem on Apple TV is to change the operating system language to German, login to Zwift, then change language back again.

It’s a stretch that this will work on Android too, but it’s got to be worth a try, right?

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