Bug bug bug and re bug!

Scratch during the race !! I do to make out the game and my race is dead, it’s not normal !! why i can’t rejoin my race ??

Hi @Steph_Master

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Can you explain a bit more what the problem was.

What device are you using?

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Hi Gerrie, I use DiretoX by elite for the home trainer. I have fibre optic at my house. That’s twice I was on the race and the game crash (all good at my house). I have to do get out the game and lost all the parcour i did. It’s frustrating and irritating ! Why we don’t have the possibility to come back where the game crash ?? The twice are on the World of NY.

On the oder hand, when we are on the game we can’t see our race before we did. Only on your web site, it’s not practical.

Thanks to read me and sorry for my English.


Can you describe the crash, what did you see when it crashed.

what device are you using to for Zwift.

The game freeze, some player disapear and I have a white screen. Then i have a message : the logiel stop working. I use the game on surface pro 7.

10th gen integrated graphics, upon which Zwift is known to crash. Try running OBS in the background.