[Bug] Audio bug with released version of Zwift for iOS

This one is easily reproduced: Try to use iOS keyboard’s audio input (voice to text) to send a message into chat, will disable all in-game audio after the ‘mic sound’ ding happens.

  • Going into Settings (where did the labels go?!) to adjust audio from there does not return the audio.
  • Swapping out of the game and back into it (double-home-button press) does not return the audio.
  • Using the iPads’s volume rocker to lower/raise the audio does not return the audio.
  • Going back into the Chat window (activating the ‘ding’ again) does not return the audio.

The only way to get audio back, is to exit the game entirely and then re-enter the game.

Definitely a buglet, although just a small one.

This should be fixed in our next iOS update.