Adventure Stache Podcast Ride Sound

I have tried the Adventure Stache Podcast ride twice now and have not been successful in getting the podcast sound either time. I use an iPad mini gen 5 for Zwift. I have the iPad volume turned up all the way. I have gone into Zwift settings and adjusted “Game Sound Volume” and “3D World Volume” to be lower, off, max, etc. and have not had any better results. Can anyone fill me in on the secret to hearing the podcast? Is it not possible on the iPad?

Updating just incase anyone else is experiencing the same issue:

Reply from Zwift support:
"Some users on IOS devices such as Apple TV or iPads have been experiencing technical issues and not being able to hear the audio. We have done some testing and it should work. If using IOS, check that you have the latest game version by going into the app store to force the update.

The best way to experience the audio is to firstly plug in some headphones and ideally use a laptop/MacBook/desktop for the best audio playback. Also be sure to turn down in-game sound effects through the settings options."