Geraint Thomas CC

Hi all, I have just tried the GTCC and I found it to be a disaster and I didn’t like it at all, what have I done wrong, I joined the event and I thought the podcast started but I couldn’t hear a thing because of all the very distracting Zwift noises going on and then the podcast just seemed to stop and there was only very occasional typing on the screen, what is other people’s experience and are there any tips for what I might have done wrong ???

go to the main screen during a ride choose settings Zwift audio volume(or sth. like that) off same with the natural noises

(on IOS) The pod seems to die after a few mins every week. I just assumed that everyone was there for the big group ride and would just play the pod (or something else) on another device.

If think I saw a bug fix related to this in the release notes.

Thanks for that, disappointing really as I was looking forward to listening to the podcast in game.

Thanks for that will give it a go next time.