Brand New Bkool Pro ERG mode not compatible with Zwift


My new Bkool Pro trainer works O.K with there simulator.

I started a 14 day free trial with Zwift and my problem is that  I’m unable to use ERG as the wattage and speed is so erratic and not comparable with the ride at all.

This improves if I stop pedalling and it seems to reset but the the problem re-occurs.

Can you help as I would like to try Zwift before paying for a Bkool subscription.


Hi Marino -

I’m sorry you are having troubles with the erratic wattage and speed.

It appears that Bkool have optimized their trainer for their platform, which has caused other programs like Zwift to only access the data they are transmitting. Their latest firmware seems to have made the trainer erratic with Zwift. 

We recommend contacting our friends at Bkool Support and ask when they will have proper support implemented for Zwift. 

That’s fine, just as I thought that it was Bkools issue.
I’ve already sent them a support request and if the reply is not to my satisfaction then it will go back for a refund.
Will I be able to reset my 14 day trial if i get a trainer that is compatible.
Do you recommend a manufacturer to reliably work with Zwift.

HI Marino

Please update this post if you get a response. I used my Bkool  Profor the first time this Winter and had similar problems. I used it on Swift all last Winter with no problem



Hey Marino


Are there any news on this issue?

Hi Henrick

I’ve had to give up on using Zwift because it never worked properly and my trial has now finished.

The shop would not let me return the item to buy something compatible with both as they say it’s been used!

I’m  now using the Bkool trainer with the Bkool simulator which works fine and people have said that using a different make of trainer with the Bkool simulator has similar problems.

It seems you can’t have the best of both worlds.




Please, what is the actual state of this issue?

Hey Marino

My issue was actually solved by the BKool team. There is (in the Bkool pro atleast) a software constant which controls wattage. But that required a TeamViewer appointment with the BKool team.

My issue was also in BKool’s training sessions


Are you able to elaborate more on what had to be done to fix this please? I am wanting to buy a BKool Pro to replace the multiple Tacx Vortex trainers that have gone faulty on me, but only if it will work correctly with Zwift.



Failing to receive an answer, I took the plunge and bought a BKool Pro. After downloading their trainer software simply to change the mode to ANT+ FE-C, I can say that I had no problems whatsoever using it with Zwift out of the box. I have only tried it in general riding mode, not workout yet.


Ok, so using this trainer in workout mode is very erratic in ERG mode. Power requirement is way out, and it doesn’t release the resistance when it should. Definitely something funny going on. 

Steven, have you tried with ERG mode switched off? It used to work with ERG mode switched off before the problems started.

I have a Bkool Pro. I want to join Zwift, but I need to know if this issues with ERG on Bkool trainer are fixed now ? 

Hi Jean-Michel

The ERG problem is only when using the ‘workout’ feature. For general riding and racing it is not a problem

That said - do you want the ERG feature when doing a workout? I switch ERG mode off for workouts, then the Bkool behaves like a normal trainer. You don’t want to be in the middle of a interval sprint and suddenly hit a hill or a descent, It would mess the interval up

ERG mode is great for the mountain stage, you get a good 30 minutes of climbing with resitance