The compatibility test on the home page is wrong.

(Steve C) #1


Just trying to reinstall Zwift and went through the ‘Check my Gear’ link on the home page - I chose ‘Bkool’ from under ‘smart trainer’ and it says:


Well This is Embarrassing.

We’re very sorry, the trainer you selected won’t work with Zwift. We’ve looked into it
but there are just some trainers that we can’t support.


But the Bkool works fine and has for a while (barring the outstanding workout power issue in ERG mode). So this may be putting potential users off if they’ve already got a bkool trainer.

(Chris Barnard) #2

My Bkool Pro doesn’t :frowning: no resistance what so ever, max 25mph regardless of cadence! Zwift doing the speed calculations by the looks of it. Does the Pro really work properly with proper resistance on Zwift like it does in the Bkool simulator software ? Would be great if it does! Just like to know how!

(Steve C) #3

It works fine (barring an issue with power being too high in ERG mode with workouts). When you pair it to the app, are you paring it as a power meter rather than a controllable trainer?

(Chris Barnard) #4

Yep was doing that ,but funny enough logged in this morning to try again and had a software update to do and now seems all good :-) 

thanks for the reply Cheers 

(Scott) #5

Hi Steve - thanks for the reminder. That update we’ll get done this week :slight_smile: