Bowflex connection

Hello, I’ve been using my Bowflex BXT326 since 2019 with no problems whatsoever. However, after almost a year where I was unable to run I now cannot get it to work with Zwift. It pairs fine on the pairing screen but when I go into the game I have a connection error and the avatar doesn’t move.

Any help gratefully received.

There have recently been issues and fixes for Bowflex trainers.

These two links might help and if not send @ Rowdy ( use no gap) a message.

Many thanks for this Ian_Attoe. I’d found the top one but still can’t progress. suggestion @Rowdy adopted :slight_smile:

One of the Zwift crew will see your message and they can apply a remote fix which will sort this.

That would be great - thank you for replying :+1:

Hello all,

Since we’re seeing the Bowflex in the pairing screen, this does not appear to be the same issue as in the linked threads. @Andrew_Wynn, I’ll reach out to you directly to troubleshoot this first.

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