Bowflex BXT226 Treadmill - cannot pair to Apple devices [October 2022] [SOLVED]

Hello again everyone,

It looks like the backend fix has worked for Zwifters that had paired their Bowflex treadmill to Zwift prior to October 2022.

Those with a new treadmill or who have not paired their treadmill to Zwift before may need to reach out to us directly in order to get their connection enabled.

We are still working on a more sustainable fix, so I won’t close this thread until we’re sure the treadmill connections are back.


Bonjour Paul,
J’ai essayé hier soir de me connecter, ça ne marche pas.
Je vais essayer de contacter le service.

Mon tapis de course a marché jusqu’en Avril 2022, je ne l’ai plus utilisé pendant 4 mois.
J’ai voulu me reconnecter en septembre 2022, message erreur : Echec de connexion.
Le correctif backend n’a pas fonctionné pour mon tapis BXT326 Bowflex.
Y a-t’il une solution ? ou faut-il que j’achète le Runn?
Par contre , la connexion avec mon Home-Trainer SARIS marche parfaitement.
Dans l’attente,

Hello @Nad05,

I believe you are experiencing a different issue than what was affecting other Zwifters on this thread. A Zwift Community Support representative will reach out to you soon.

Ride On.


I have a bow flex t216… pairing but no movement on avatar as well. Tried just about everything on this tread and still nothing… close to start crying…

Contact support and they will fix this for you.

Updating the title and marking this solved, as the larger issue here was that Zwifters could not find the treadmill in order to pair on Apple devices.

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Have a Bowflex BXT116 and Zwift not finding the treadmill via Bluetooth…Any help would be appreciated!

Hi Dan! I will send you a direct message.

iPhone 14 to treadmill Bowflex BXT 116 worked great during the COVID years…

Hi @Rowdy, thanks for implementing the change that has seen BT connection made possible again. Regrettably, it’s not quite back to how it used to be, for me at least. I am encountering problems when pairing my Garmin 945 for HR and cadence. I can pair as HR but when I try to add as cadence too, Zwift throws a bit of a wobbly and says only 2 devices can be paired at a time. Which is of course exactly what I am looking to do! My workaround is to use my 945 solely as a HRM pro tem, but I’d really like to be able to use it for cadence too, as I have done for ages before the BT issue arose. FWIW, it’s the same with a HRM-PRO strap. I have video of this error happening, if it would help. Thanks again for all your efforts.

Hi @Allan_Dodds , sorry for the delay over the weekend. We’ve made a change in our backend for your account this morning to correct this. Can you please confirm that you are on the latest Zwift Game version 1.31 and whether or not you still hit either of these issues when you get the chance?

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Hi @Sam_Zwift - thanks for this, my turn to apologise for the delay. I ran yesterday and the latest amendment you made seems to have resolved matters. This was the first TM run in ages where everything worked like it should. Hoping that’s an end to recent travails

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Hello, I found this thread as I’m having the same problem with my BXT216 treadmill. I can pair to Zwift but the avatar does nothing. And about a minute into starting the game a “trouble pairing” message shows up on the upper left corner. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the 1.14 version to no avail.

Hello. I am also having the same issue with the BXT216 treadmill. I find it instantly, get connected, but then have “connection error” when I go to start, so the avatar never moves. I thought the issue was an older laptop that I had been using the last couple years, so I even bought a brand new PC, fresh install of Zwift, reset the treadmill, and still no luck. That’s when I found this forum. Current Zwift version is 1.31.1 on PC.

EDIT: Started a new thread since this one is marked Solved.

Hey, i have a bowflex t22 treadmill I’ve been connected using my android smart phone for the last year. Up until November 28th it worked fine. Now zwift will no longer find my t22.
I checked my phone with my speed sensor on my bike and all is well.
I can connect zwift to my treadmill on my pc.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled zwift on my phone.
Of course i have rebooted all devices.
The bluetooth on my phone is working with the treadmill as it will connect and play music.

It seems just the latest update of zwift on my phone is the problem.
Samsung s22

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Hi I can’t connect with my bxt326 can you help me

What’s happening exactly? Is Zwift pairing but the avatar not moving or not seeing the treadmill?

What device are you running Zwift on?

Has it previously worked?

What version of Zwift are you running?

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