Bowflex 316 Heart rate Monitor

Hi Guys

I have bought the Bowlfex 326 treadmill (equivalent of the 216 in u.s) it connects to Zwift perfectly for speed but the stock heart rate monitor can’t be added to it, it does not see it when you try to pair it… it definitely works as it is showing on the treadmill…

I have ordered a polar t31 as I wanted an extra one anyway… will this work or am I doing something wrong?

Any help appreciated


I am guessing that the Bowflex HRM is Bluetooth only, so when it is connected to the treadmill there is no way for it to connect to Zwift. Bluetooth only allows one connection at a time to any device or app.

Thanks Paul,

Is there anything out there that would feed the bowflex and Zwift?

Depends on what you are running Zwift on.

The Wahoo Tickr and the Garmin Dual are good duel band HRM.

I see… it was just an iPhone or iPad… would those both work?

Thanks so much for your help

Nope, Zwift on mobile devices is Bluetooth only, you would need to pick either Zwift or the treadmill.

Ok thanks, I suppose the treadmill is recording heart rate and calories anyway so it doesn’t really matter…

Thanks again

Bowflex 326 uses uncoded Polar GymLink for heart rate monitoring. It’s not Bluetooth.

As Paul_Allen said above, if you want to record heart rate using Zwift you’ll need a Bluetooth HRM. Polar H10 supports coded GymLink and Bluetooth at the same time, but unfortunately the Bowflex 326 only supports uncoded.

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