Bounding Boxes

(Jerry) #1

I’ve made several 3D models for video games, and I know that object bounding boxes can be set so that things don’t collide. The collision boxes in Zwift need to be adjusted to give riders a bit more room when riding around each other. I really like to say that I am “rubbing elbows” with the best riders, but I don’t like it when my elbow goes up their bunghole when I’m trying to pass. I can see why some folks might get a little flustered when a route is very crowded.

(Daren) #2

It’s not so much the bounding boxes as the soft collision detection. The bounding boxes can be as large as you like, but if the models can’t collide then it makes no difference. Zwift has soft collision detection insofar as riders can pass through each other, but there’s still a gentle nudge. A bit like bringing repelling magnetic fields together.

But hard collision detection would bring its own problems on busy courses. Imagine not being able to get past a bunch because it’s entirely blocking the road. Quite a plausible result of hard collision detection, especially on some of the larger rides.

(Jerry) #3

I’m not talking about giving riders a meter or so of space. I’m talking not going through the other rider. And, would it really be a bad thing if riders could block the road? That would be a more realistic ride, as you would have to strategize to get through a group of riders. Then again, there would always be a select few who would want to block the road just to tick people off. You take the bad with the good…

(Paul) #4

Ya, that sounds like a horrible idea. I ride solo and it would really piss me off if I couldn’t get through/around a group.

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(Jerry) #5

I guess it pisses off Bradley Wiggins and Geraint Thomas too, but hey, that’s the nature of the beast.

(Paul) #6

They are racing and I am using Zwift for training, 2 different things.

I don’t think the ability to block the road will ever come to Zwift for normal rides. For race it could be an option, but I really doubt it.

(Jerry) #7

Re-railing this topic, we are talking about correcting collision boxes so that riders don’t pass through each other. It should be done, if for no other reason than the fact that it looks awful and basically takes away the immersion in the game when it happens.

(Paul) #8

Ok, so what happens when I’m riding on my own and come up on a large group of riders, say a couple hundred?

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(Jerry) #9

Ok, so there is ONE in every forum, the one who has to complain and post negative opinions on everyone else’s posts, one that won’t allow you to ignore them because they need attention. Judging from the other posts that I’ve read, that ONE is going to be you Paul. Not being one to put up with such foolishness, I’m going to say that I don’t particularly care what it is YOU do - cry, complain, whine “that’s not fair” like a petulant little female puppy.

Now, does anyone else have a say on this, good or bad? I think we all know what little Paul thinks about it.

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(Paul) #10

I’m just asking a question on what would happen if someone is running solo and comes up on a large group of riders. Do they get stuck behind the group? Are they allowed to pass?

Sorry if me asking questions is making you hate me, but I’m just trying to figure out what happens in all scenarios proposed by your suggestion.

If you look hard enough on these forums you will see I have assisted a lot of people in getting up and running on Zwift of the last 3 years.

Putting mod hat on: name calling on these forums will not be tolerated.

(Jerry) #11

I once was a member of a hobby yak group who had one particular member who bore a striking resemblance to your comments. He was a British OAP, named Otto Wipfule, and he loved to interject a negative comment into every thread and topic, regardless of whether it even had anything to do with him. And anytime he got called on it, he cried the “I’m an old man” defense and pointed out how many people he had helped out over the years. Because he was a paying member of the forum, the mods and owners refused to sanction him, and he ran off about 75% of the members with his antics. After blessedly passed away, the forum recoverd and thrived in his absence. See where I’m making the connection here?

You are not just asking questions. You have a negative outlook and a troll-like attitude. I don’t put up with that, even from moderators, especially ones whose “hat” makes them entitled to believe that they are invincible and can do as they please. I have moderated forums as well, and there is absolutely no reason for it. If you don’t like what someone has to say, and I’m pretty sure that is the case 99% of the time, then move on and find a real violation to moderate and let the rest of us have a conversation about the things we would like to see in Zwift.

(G) #12

Well, it’s not only Paul Allen. I dislike your idea, too …

Also, I’m a solo rider in Zwift and really don’t want to be restricted by large groups of strangers. Well, occasionally it could be fun, but mostly not. Maybe your idea can be an interesting addition to some race, but there is another problem - to fully implement and enjoy it, you have to be able to steer, which is not, as far as I know, possible in Zwift.

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(Jerry) #13

I understand what you are saying - perhaps I am not being clear. At present, riders go through each other. All that needs to be done is increase the collision box maybe 3/4 the width of the handlebars, so that riders slide past instead of through. Also, we don’t have steering now and riders still get by, so why would we need to implement steering? When the collision boxes touch, they simply repel each other, like they do now, just at a little farther of a distance. Around, not through - really touching elbows instead of having odd Virtual biker scex while moving at 20 miles an hour. It’s not that hard to do, and it will not cause the issues you are supposing will happen.

As an aside to address being a lone rider, on the days when I’m not feeling the crowd, I adjust my router firewall setting to High. That gives me the route all to myself, but it also disables Companion. It is a brute force answer, but it works.

(Roman) #14

I think the problem of a possible blocking can be fixed by installing other features that the community already asked for. If we get rid of the calender and all worlds are open, traffic would be reduced quite a bit. It would also be possible to hide large groups from the other riders like in some events you as a participant can’t see single riders.
For me going through another rider wile sprinting is kind of strange and should be fixed.
I would even like to see racing in teams. That means, I can start a sprint for my teammate. To make this happen the AI needs to make sure that my teammate is following me since we can’t stear.
Anyway, there is some room for improvement!

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(G) #15

Don’t get me wrong … I find those “collisions” weird, also …

But too many riders on limited # of roads, at the same time mean either we will be restricted in some way or weird things will happen. Opening all worlds could help a little, but it will not solve it … it would still happen. Most people ride the same preferred/popular roads …

I see the same problem with “crossing” … gonna turn left and there is a bunch of riders coming in opposite direction. How to solve that? Should I stop and wait (as I do in the real world) and lose my precious speed and momentum, or should I be forced to go straight, or should I just pass through those riders and accept this weird fact as best solution?

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(Jerry) #16

Being that it is the number one request for Zwift improvement, I’m sure at some point the ability to choose your world will eventually be built into the program. In the meantime, have you tried the Zwift Preferences app from It adds one more step to starting Zwift, but it is very handy for when you don’t want to ride the default route of the day.

As far as stopping at crossings, that would depend on just how real you want things to be, though it does suck to lose that speed.

(Daren) #17

There’s no need to make it personal. Let’s keep things civil and debate the feature request itself, not make ad hominem comments.

Some of us don’t agree with your suggestion. Anyone is perfectly welcome to say that, as long as they also keep it to the point itself. Take it on the chin.

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(G) #18

I’m aware of WORLD hack, but as I’m on AppleTV, it doesn’t work for me … But as far as I know, the “more worlds together” feature is coming (soon, I hope) …

I’m fine with “game” as it is … speaking of those weird “encounters” I don’t consider Zwift as a real game. From my point of view, it’s just a nice addition to my trainer, so I don’t call for perfect reality … I’d prefer undisturbed rides …

(Jerry) #19

I agree with that. But if you will reread the exchange in question, you will see that I tried to move beyond the negative and re-rerail the thread, but as attention seekers often do, the offender-in-question wanted to continue hounding me about it, so I responded in kind. I don’t mind a negative comment, but when it becomes needling, I will respond. And as I also said, from reading other topics in this forum, I’m not the first person to experience this always-right holier-than-thou attitude.

(Daren) #20

I wouldn’t assume to know Paul’s motives as I don’t know him, but we can assume the best motives of people or the worst. Everyone’s much happier when we assume the best. =) Rather than being a troll, it’s just as likely he was simply engaging in a debate on the topic - since that is the point of discussion forums.

I reckon any good idea should be able to stand up to scrutiny. If it can’t, it’s probably not a good idea.