Bought Kickr

I’ve found the KICKR very quiet. Its an absolute beast though in terms of weight which has given me a little issue moving it around with my arm.
I was between it and Vectors - very glad I went with the KICKR.

For anyone who might be on the fence, I’ve updated my review on

Victor Schepis, what one is quieter, the PowerSync or the Kickr? I know the Kickr is safer with my one partially deaf cat walking around my bike as I am training.

I dont know which of the two would be quieter, our Cyclops Mag is probably quieter. But more importantly, the KICKR is MUCH more stable. I have been worried about using the Mag since I broke my arm. The KICKR not so much, its VERY planted, and sturdy - part of that might be due to the fact it weighs a metric tonne!!!

I’d say PowerBeam/Sync and Kickr are the same as far as noise goes. I also have a Fluid 2 and a SuperMagneto which are maybe a touch more quiet. The Kickr is a bit more stable but 25lbs heavier so I’m sure that helps. Now if I had a deaf cat I most likely would go with Kickr.

Yep. Mine is arriving on Friday. I’ve loved it using Zwift with my Cycleops and planned to get a Kickr at some point but was prompted to order one straight away the other night when the neighbours politely told me that the noise was getting to them. I hope it’s quieter but, to be honest, I only needed an excuse.

no i bought one jan 2nd and love it i had a dumb trainer the store i bought it from mentioned the zwift beta app and asked for an invite and got one i 2 weeks time. i love being a Whaoooligan

I did as well. All three of my riding partners are buying them as well…

Mine arrived, today.

Can anyone share where they have found a 20% discount on the Kickr? Thanks!!

I got mine from but its back up to full price.


I got mine from the same place (Cycle Surgery). And yes, I noticed the price went back up. I do have to admit though, it looked like mine had been used before, yet there was no mention on the website that I was buying a returned piece. So I was a little disappointed, however, it is working perfectly and I do have my receipts if there are any problems.

I did see it reduced elsewhere on ‘Black Friday’, but again it was just a weekend promotion which I missed.

Performance bike in store. They sometimes have a coupon that includes trainers and does not exclude kickr. You have to find the right deal at the right time, aka stalk the website.

Of all the threads on here that this question could go in - I guess I’ll try this one!


I started on Zwift with a Cycleops dumb trainer and a speed sensor. Then bought a TacX Satori Smart… which sends my power / watts etc to Zwift, but it doesn’t change resistance when I hit a hill / cobblestones etc.

Here’s my question - a Wahoo Kickr in Canada costs around $1600.00. (My Satori Smart cost just under $500.00).

I’m sure the Kickr (and similar models which change resistance on you) are better on Zwift… but are they $1000.00 better? Is it really worth my while to buy one? Or… since I’ve been pretty darn happy with my Satori Smart… should I just keep going with my Satori Smart?

Love to hear from someone who has owned both types of trainers (smart, but doesn’t change resistance, vs the type that does everything)… but I’ll take any thoughts at all.

Thanks everyone!


Hi Chris.  Not sure where you are on Ont and you don’t need to say. has the kickr snap wheel on trainer for 849.00.

I have been using mine all winter long.  Difference, graidient change.  Fluid trainers just spin and get harder with wheel speed.  Kickr adjusts to in game climbing.  

It depends on what you want out of it.  Will I be ready for hill climbs this year, hell ya.

When I used my Kurt Kinetic the year prior, I was better with higher cadence.

I think it’s worth it.  Would I want a Kickr wheel off, maybe in the future. For now, the snap works great. 

Also, can shop around using google.  Search Wahoo Kickr Snap Canada.  A few retailers sell them.

Hi Chris - thanks for the response.

I didn’t know there was a “wheel on” trainer out there that would change resistance with Zwift.

That’s another intriguing option… 

Yeah, it works well.  Good luck in your research.  Ton of You Tube reviews.  Have a look at