Bots- a very strong warning to zwift

That’s just a normal ride on zwift, and not an event.

Good luck to the riders keeping up at 5.4w/kg. Not many Pro’s can hold 5.4w/kg for a whole ride.

In a double draught event we were riding at 3.5-4W/kg and staying in the draught without intention. This was the problem.

I assume Zwift are aware of this. However I have seen no evidence of them doing anything to prevent a recurrence

I reiterate, Zwift is nothing new. It is just World of Warcraft for bikes. In WoW you can pay others to play for you either because you don’t want to spend the time or are not good enough. As the above story shows the same is already happening in Zwift and things will only get worse as the game increases in popularity.

This situation would be pathetic in any esport. But it’s hugely ironic that the cycling, the sport that epitomises in most people’s minds that notion that everyone cheats so it’s ok for me to as well will also be the first esport where noone can trust anyone else.

Folks making an excuse for riders who average 5.4w/kg for hours without their power value shifting by 0.1 shame on you. You are just giving Zwift reassurance that their user base does not care about cheats so can ignore them and spend the money on marketing instead. You are exactly the sort of “fan” who ruined cycling for decades by putting your heads in the sand and not calling out druggies.


The only people to blame with reference to Cameron are British cycling themselves. You may want to look into his side of the story and think about what you’d expect if you won a real life race on your friend’s bike that you didn’t buy. Not to mention the rules hadn’t even been written before the race. Or the fact that they could have easily made everyone ride the same bike.

I’d also point out again if you see someone you think is cheating then flag them or maybe take a screen shot and email zwift about it.


I am not making excuse for anybody, I was pointing out that there is more options than using a bot. We have been on zwift long enough to know what a bot is and how people setup some bikes.

It is very easy to do 400w on a setup like this.


I also wouldn’t say I’m making an excuse for those riders

BUT, what they do doesn’t take away from my zwift experience

really what are they getting from it? the ability to use a bike sooner that wlll be 7 seconds faster over an hour… woo hoo… or a fake race win that will be disqualified on zwiftpower… or a “win” on a group ride… I really don’t care, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying my time on zwift