Are there many robot riders

Admin Edit - removed picture with identifying info of accused cheater and closed comments as this is against our TOS. If you suspect someone of cheating, please flag them using the Zwift Companion app and/or open a support ticket to let us know so that our support team can look into this further. Thanks!

Followed this apparent robot for a while that was rock solid on 5.0w/kg regardless of gradients. Why are they in Zwift (just out of interest)? I’d struggle to keep up with 1/2 that power for too long. Is this some sort of feature that I’ve not heard about. <elided inappropriate thought> Or perhaps Zwift itself calibrating itself or testing in some way. Or some Sky domestique doing a sleepy ERG workout while reading a book.

You should not publicly call out other riders for suspected cheating:

If you suspect they are gaming the system and/or cheating you can flag the as a flier using the Zwift Companion App 

Not sure why I’m getting down voted since calling someone out on the forums you suspect is cheating is against Zwift’s TOS. 

Paul McMellon ,(same power) my  Bet is that  there in ERG Mode, to hold the same power is fine to do.

I stand corrected and chastised. And just as soon as I can find how to elide my reference to electric bikes etc. But innocent as I am, I actually did wonder if that might have been a robot of some sort. Thinking that there might even be a way that we could have a doppelgänger of ourselves, say from a previous PB - a reference for us to pit ourselves against. I was in spectator mode when I came across this rider and was amazed to see power locked solid for many minutes, hence the thought train (that seems to have gone off track). Now to finding how edit one’s earlier post … 

Bath Salts thanks for that. Every day is a school day! 

ERG workout does help to keep the watts steady but 5 w/kg give me a break. The reason he called him out is that guess what a lot of people are tired of seeing it and nothing being done.  Yes Zwift may be working on it but its been going on forever and we all reach a point where we go what the heck and crack.  Saw an Asian rider today do it.  I was doing 3 watts per kilo up ADZ.  I weight 189.  Looking at his avatar being way smaller than mine way smaller like skinny skinny skinny doing over 4.5 w/kg I just laughed.  Its getting a bit ridiculous at times.