Body Bike Connect > iPad


I have a Body Bike Connect that i want to connect to my iPad. I have bought the Wahoo Dongle and the adaptor.

Not connecting, 

Great if you could help out. 

My Bluetooth HR works perfectly though.



Are you searching for a Power Source?

Yes :slight_smile:

Don’t know much about this Bike, but it might transmit in both ANT+ and BLE and they say it works with Zwift:

And it’s on the supported trainer list:

Is there any firmware updates available?

What version on iOS are you on?

Thanks Paul 

Body bike transmits via ANT+

iOS 11.1.2

Have you tested the Wahoo ANT+ Key with the Wahoo Utility App:


yes it says insert “Whoo Key or Case”

suppose the iPad doesn’t recognize the dongle/adaptor?!

You might want to try restarting the iPad or contacting Wahoo Support:

Is the Lightning to 30 pin adapter made by Apple or is it an off brand?


Thanks for the great support.

yes i tried with my iPhone as well that didn’t work.

Its a off brand adaptor.

Got a reply from support that Wahoo ANT+ dongle no longer is supported and that i should connect to Bluetooth. 

The B.B.C only has ANT+ so that will be tough. 

Maybe i should by another ANT+ dongle(non Wahoo) 

Maybe iMac is the better option to go.

il try Apple for support maybe they could help hence it seems its the non brand adaptor that cause the problem