Bluetooth pairing not available on MacBook

A few weeks ago I turned off my MacBooks bluetooth but ever since I always get the yellow warning symbol in the pairing screen next to bluetooth.
I’d like to pair my Garmin Vector pedals, which only ever showed up as bluetooth devices in Zwift despite them also being ANT+ (a separate issue!)
I’ve tried all of the bluetooth trouble shooting -
deleted my .plist
reset PRAM
turned bluetooth on and off
fully uninstalled Zwift and reinstalled this morning
yet I still get the yellow warning next to bluetooth.
Can anyone help me to get Zwift pairing via bluetooth again?
My mac happily pairs with my bluetooth headset during Zwift, but the in game bluetooth isn’t available .


Hi Everyone,
I figured this out with help from this post - zwift-crashing-on-macos-catalina-Skroq_lzv
it prompted to look at privacy settings for bluetooth as well as disk access, and lo and behold Zwift wasn’t ticked for bluetooth access anymore. Now it is and working as before :smiley:
thanks Zwift Forums!