bluetooth or ant+ ??

ok so I have just purchased a tacx vortex smart trainer and have a new apple MacBook with bluetooth and an ant+ dongle…

My cycle is a Giant which has the built in ‘‘RideSense’’ speed and cadence sensor…which connects via ant+


So what is the recommended connection method to Zwift ???



The Vortex over bluetooth should work for power, which you can pair over bluetooth or ANT+.   The Ride Sense you can pair over ANT+.  Feel free to mix and match as you want.  I typically go for Bluetooth on Mac as we read/send commands at a slightly higher frequency on some trainers, so that’s what I’d try first for the Vortex.

hi John…thanks for the info…


So please excuse my ignorance as its the first time for me using an indoor trainer of any sort.


Do i  just connect the vortex smart as a ''controllable trainer ‘’  on its own then add the other sensors such as cadence ?


Im not using any power sensors / pedal etc

Yes, add the vortex as controllable trainer (it’ll also be added as your power sensor as the vortex sends power data), then separately pair your cadence sensor if you want. The cadence sensor is totally optional.

thats great…many thanks for the help…look forward to meeting up on Zwift :slight_smile: